What Should Beginners Wear on Their First Golf Outing?

Going golfing for the first time is exciting, but you might wonder what to wear. It’s important to choose comfortable and flexible clothes so you can swing your clubs easily. A good outfit usually includes a collared shirt and golf pants or shorts. Make sure to check if the golf course has any dress rules. Also, wearing proper golf shoes helps you play better and move safely around the course. With the right clothes, you’ll look great and feel confident as you begin your golfing adventure.

For your first time golfing, wear a collared shirt, golf pants or shorts and golf shoes. Check if the golf course has specific dress rules before you go. This outfit will keep you comfortable and allow you to move freely while playing.

What to wear golfing for the first time – 7 things

When you’re golfing for the first time, it’s important to wear and bring the right items to ensure you’re comfortable and can play well. Here are seven essential things to consider:

golfing kit
Golfing kit
  1. Collared Shirt: Most golf courses require you to wear a collared shirt. Choose one that’s breathable and comfortable.
  2. Golf Pants or Shorts: Opt for pants or shorts designed for golf. These are made to allow you to move freely.
  3. Golf Shoes: Special golf shoes with soft spikes will help you keep your footing and improve your stance.
  4. Golf Glove: Wearing a glove on one hand will help you grip the club better, which is especially helpful for beginners.
  5. Hat or Visor: Protect your face and eyes from the sun with a hat or visor.
  6. Sunglasses: On sunny days, sunglasses can help you see better and protect your eyes from UV rays.
  7. Sunscreen: Since you’ll be outside for a few hours, sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from sunburn.

Wearing and bringing these items will help you have a more enjoyable and comfortable golfing experience

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Collared Shirt

Starting with a collared shirt is standard for golfing because most courses have a dress code that includes this item.

GOLF Collared Shirt
GOLF Collared Shirt


  • Professional Appearance: A collared shirt keeps you looking professional and tidy on the course.
  • Comfort and Breathability: Many golf shirts are designed with materials that offer breathability and comfort, helping you stay cool even on hot days.
  • Flexibility: These shirts are made to move with your body, allowing for a full range of motion during swings.


  • Cost: Golf-specific collared shirts can be more expensive than regular shirts due to their specialized design and materials.
  • Style Restrictions: Some golfers might find the traditional style of collared shirts limiting if they prefer a more casual or unique look.
  • Maintenance: High-performance fabrics often require special care in washing and handling to maintain their functionality and appearance.

Overall, wearing a collared shirt to golf not only meets most course dress codes but also provides practical benefits for playing the game, despite a few potential drawbacks related to cost and personal style preferences.

Golf Pants or Shorts

Golf Pants or Shorts are essential items for any golfer, ensuring comfort and compliance with most golf course dress codes.

Golf Pants or Shorts
Golf Pants or Shorts


  • Comfort and Mobility: Golf pants and shorts are specifically designed to allow for a full range of motion, crucial when swinging a golf club. They often include stretchable fabrics that enhance comfort and flexibility.
  • Breathable Materials: These garments are typically made from materials that promote breathability, keeping you cool and dry, which is particularly beneficial on warm days.
  • Style and Functionality: Available in various styles and colors, golf pants and shorts can be both functional and fashionable, allowing golfers to express their personal style while adhering to dress codes.


  • Cost: As with most specialized sports apparel, golf pants and shorts can be expensive compared to regular casual wear.
  • Weather Suitability: While perfect for mild or warm weather, traditional golf shorts are not suitable for colder conditions, which may necessitate the purchase of additional golf wear like thermal leggings.
  • Limited Use Outside Golf: Due to their specific design and style, golf pants and shorts might not be suitable for everyday wear or other activities, potentially limiting their use outside the golf course.

Golf pants and shorts are tailored to meet the needs of golfers, providing them with the necessary comfort and style required for playing the game while adhering to the typical dress codes found at golf courses.

Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes are a critical part of any golfer’s gear, designed specifically for the sport to enhance performance and provide stability.

Golf Shoes
Golf Shoes


  • Traction and Stability: Golf shoes are equipped with spikes or special tread patterns that offer excellent grip. This traction is vital for maintaining stability during the swing, which can improve accuracy and power.
  • Support and Comfort: These shoes are designed to support your feet during the golf swing and while walking across the varied terrain of a golf course. Good arch support and cushioning can help prevent foot fatigue and discomfort during a long day of golf.
  • Waterproof Features: Many golf shoes are made with waterproof materials, keeping your feet dry in damp conditions which is especially useful in early morning rounds or wet weather.


  • Cost: High-quality golf shoes can be quite expensive, which might be a consideration for new golfers or those who play infrequently.
  • Limited Versatility: Because of their specialized soles and spikes, golf shoes are not suitable for many other uses outside of golf. Wearing them off the course can lead to quick wear and tear and may be uncomfortable on harder surfaces.
  • Style Restrictions: While there are many styles available, some golfers might find the traditional look of golf shoes less appealing for casual wear.

Golf shoes are essential for anyone serious about playing golf, offering specific benefits that help enhance play and protect your feet during the game.

Golf Glove

Golf Glove is commonly worn by golfers on one hand—typically the “lead” hand (the left hand for a right-handed golfer, and vice versa)—to enhance grip and prevent slippage during swings.

Golf Glove
Golf Glove


  • Improved Grip: A golf glove provides a better grip on the club, particularly in hot or humid conditions where hands may become sweaty. This can lead to more consistent swings and better overall control.
  • Protection: Wearing a glove helps protect the hand from blisters and calluses that can develop from frequent play. It also offers some protection against the elements, like sun and wind.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Gloves are generally made from soft, flexible materials like leather or synthetic blends, which can make holding the golf club more comfortable, especially over multiple rounds or a long day of play.


  • Wear and Tear: Golf gloves can wear out quickly, especially if they are not properly cared for or if the golfer plays frequently. This can necessitate regular replacement, adding to the overall cost of golf equipment.
  • Fit and Comfort Issues: Finding the right fit can be challenging. A glove that is too tight may restrict movement, while one that is too loose can interfere with the effectiveness of the grip.
  • Weather Dependency: In very hot weather, a glove can sometimes make a hand feel hotter and more uncomfortable. Conversely, in cold weather, most golf gloves do not offer much in terms of insulation.

Overall, a golf glove is a small but significant accessory that can make a big difference in both performance and comfort on the golf course.

Hat or Visor

Hat or Visor is a common accessory for golfers, providing both functional benefits and style while on the course.

Golf Hat or Visor
Golf Hat or Visor


  • Sun Protection: Both hats and visors shield your face and eyes from the sun, reducing glare and helping you see better as you play. They also protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which is crucial during long periods outdoors.
  • Comfort in Various Weather Conditions: A hat can keep your head warm on cooler days, while a visor might be preferred on warmer days to allow more heat to escape from the top of your head, keeping you cooler.
  • Style Options: Hats and visors are available in a variety of styles and colors, allowing golfers to express their personal style while coordinating with the rest of their golf attire.


  • Wind Sensitivity: On very windy days, hats and visors can be at risk of blowing off, unless they’re securely fitted or have an adjustable strap.
  • Limited Weather Protection: While great for sun protection, visors do not protect the top of the head from rain or cold weather, and most golf hats are not waterproof unless specifically designed for it.
  • Maintenance: Hats and visors can require regular cleaning to remove sweat and dirt, which can be a hassle if they are used frequently.

Overall, wearing a hat or visor while golfing not only helps you deal with weather elements but also adds a touch of personal style to your golfing outfit. They are essential for comfort and visibility, enhancing your overall golfing experience.


Sunglasses are a crucial accessory for golfers, particularly beneficial during sunny days on the course.

 Golf Sunglasses
Golf Sunglasses


  • Glare Reduction: Sunglasses reduce glare from the sun, making it easier to see the ball and the course. This is especially important for tracking the ball in flight and assessing distances.
  • Eye Protection: They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, which can cause long-term damage if exposed frequently. Quality sunglasses block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Enhanced Visual Clarity: Many golf-specific sunglasses are designed to enhance certain colors and contrast on the course, helping you see the contours of the green more clearly and improving your game.
  • Comfort: By reducing squinting and eye strain in bright conditions, sunglasses can make a long day on the golf course more comfortable.


  • Fogging and Smudging: Sunglasses can fog up or get smudged, which can interfere with vision during the game. This requires frequent cleaning or specific types of lenses that resist fogging.
  • Comfort and Fit: Finding sunglasses that fit well under a hat or visor and stay secure during swings can be challenging. Poorly fitted sunglasses can be distracting or uncomfortable.
  • Expense: High-quality, durable sunglasses that provide effective UV protection and visual enhancement can be quite expensive.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of wearing sunglasses while golfing—particularly in terms of protection and visual clarity—make them an essential item for any golfer’s kit.


Sunscreen is an essential item for golfers, providing crucial skin protection during long hours spent outdoors on the course.

 golf Sunscreen
golf Sunscreen


  • Skin Protection: Sunscreen shields your skin from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer, which are higher risks for those frequently outdoors.
  • Enhanced Comfort: By preventing sunburn, sunscreen helps maintain your comfort throughout the game, allowing you to focus better and enjoy your time on the course.
  • Versatility: Sunscreen can be used on any exposed skin, making it a versatile protective agent not just for golfing but for any outdoor activity.


  • Reapplication Necessary: Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours, or more often if you are sweating a lot, which can be inconvenient during a game.
  • Can Affect Grip: If not fully absorbed, sunscreen can make your hands slippery, potentially affecting your grip on the golf club.
  • Sensitivity and Allergies: Some individuals may be sensitive to certain ingredients in sunscreens, which can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Overall, the protective benefits of wearing sunscreen far outweigh the minor inconveniences, making it a must-have for any golfer to ensure skin health and comfort during play.


Wearing the right clothes and accessories is very important for your first time golfing. Make sure to wear a collared shirt, golf pants or shorts, and golf shoes. This will help you feel comfortable and follow the rules of the golf course. Don’t forget a golf glove to help you grip the club better, and a hat or visor and sunglasses to protect you from the sun. Also, put on sunscreen to protect your skin. By choosing the right gear, you’ll look good, play better, and have a great time on the golf course. Enjoy your golf game

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