Topgolf Summer Academy: The Perfect Blend of Fun and Learning

Topgolf Summer Academy offers a unique opportunity for kids to enhance their golf skills. This camp is designed to cater to children of all skill levels. Making it a perfect place for both beginners and those looking to refine their golf experience. The welcoming environment ensures that every child feels at home. Whether they’re picking up a club for the first time or aiming to lower their handicap.

The program focuses on making learning fun and engaging. Participants spend their days enjoying various activities that not only improve their game but also build essential life skills. The balance of practice and play at the camp encourages kids to love the game and fosters a healthy approach to competition.

With expert instructors leading the way, the experience at Topgolf Summer Academy is tailored to help each young golfer thrive. Whether it’s mastering the perfect swing or learning the rules of the game. The academy is all about creating positive memories in a supportive environment.

Topgolf Summer Academy

Topgolf Summer Academy is a fun and exciting program for kids who want to learn more about golf during their summer break. It’s a great way for young golfers to improve their skills, make new friends, and enjoy the sport in a supportive and lively environment.

What is Topgolf?

Topgolf is a fun place where people go to play a special kind of golf. It’s not like a regular golf course. Instead, it is a big area with many small sections called bays. Each bay is like a personal spot where you can play with your friends or family.

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Topgolf Summer Academy
Topgolf Summer Academy

What is Topgolf Summer Academy?

The Summer Academy is a week-long camp offered at Topgolf locations. It’s designed for kids aged 6-12 and provides a mix of golf instruction, games, and activities. The camp is perfect for beginners as well as kids who already know a bit about golf.

What Kids Will Learn

During the camp, kids will learn the basics of golf, including:

  • Swing Techniques: How to swing the club correctly.
  • Aiming and Accuracy: How to aim at targets and improve accuracy.
  • Putting and Chipping: Skills for short-distance shots.
  • Golf Rules and Etiquette: Understanding the rules and proper behavior on the course.

Fun Activities

Aside from golf lessons, the Summer Academy includes a variety of fun activities to keep kids engaged:

  • Games and Challenges: Fun games that help kids practice their golf skills.
  • Team Competitions: Friendly competitions to encourage teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Crafts and Projects: Creative activities to add variety to the day.

Schedule and Structure

The camp usually runs from Monday to Friday, with sessions lasting a few hours each day. Each day has a structured schedule that balances learning with fun, ensuring that kids stay interested and motivated.

Benefits of Topgolf Summer Academy

  • Skill Development: Kids improve their golf skills in a supportive environment.
  • Confidence Building: Learning and playing golf helps boost confidence.
  • Social Interaction: Kids make new friends and learn to work in teams.
  • Physical Activity: It’s a great way for kids to stay active and healthy during the summer.

How to Join

Parents can sign up their kids for the Topgolf Summer Academy by visiting the Topgolf website or contacting their local Topgolf location. Early registration is often recommended as spots can fill up quickly.

Topgolf Summer Academy Prices

Topgolf Summer Academy offers a great value for parents looking to give their kids an enjoyable and educational summer experience. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect in terms of pricing and what’s included.


The cost for the Topgolf Summer Academy can vary by location, but on average, it typically ranges from $199 to $250 per week. This price includes all the activities, instruction, and materials your child will need for the camp.

What’s Included

The price for the Topgolf Summer Academy generally covers:

  • Golf Instruction: Professional coaching and guidance to help kids learn and improve their golf skills.
  • Practice Time: Access to the Topgolf facilities for practice sessions.
  • Games and Activities: Fun games and challenges designed to reinforce learning and keep kids engaged.
  • Meals and Snacks: Healthy meals and snacks provided throughout the day to keep kids energized.
  • Camp Materials: All necessary materials, including golf clubs, balls, and any other equipment needed for the camp.
  • T-Shirt and Souvenirs: A Topgolf Summer Academy t-shirt and other fun souvenirs for your child to take home.

Payment and Registration

To secure a spot for your child in the Topgolf Summer Academy, you will need to complete the registration process and make a payment. This can usually be done online through the Topgolf website or directly at your local Topgolf location. Early registration is recommended as spots can fill up quickly.

Discounts and Special Offers

Topgolf occasionally offers discounts or special offers for the Summer Academy. These may include early bird discounts, sibling discounts or promotional codes. It’s a good idea to check the Topgolf website or contact your local Topgolf for any current offers.


Topgolf Summer Academy Prices
Topgolf Summer Academy

How Does Topgolf Summer Academy Work?

Topgolf Summer Academy is a fun and educational program designed to teach kids the basics of golf in an engaging and supportive environment. Here’s a detailed look at how the academy works.

Daily Schedule

The Summer Academy typically runs from Monday to Friday with sessions lasting a few hours each day. The daily schedule is structured to balance learning, practice and fun activities. Here’s what a typical day might look like:

  1. Check-In: Kids arrive and check in with the camp instructors.
  2. Warm-Up: A warm-up session to get everyone moving and ready for the day.
  3. Golf Instruction: Professional coaches teach various aspects of golf, including swing techniques, aiming, putting and chipping.
  4. Practice Sessions: Kids practice what they’ve learned by hitting balls and aiming for targets.
  5. Snack Break: A short break for snacks and hydration.
  6. Games and Activities: Fun golf-related games and challenges to reinforce skills and keep kids engaged.
  7. Team Competitions: Friendly competitions to encourage teamwork and sportsmanship.
  8. Lunch Break: A healthy meal provided by Topgolf.
  9. Creative Activities: Crafts or other creative projects to add variety to the day.
  10. Review and Wrap-Up: Recap of the day’s lessons and achievements, with feedback from instructors.
  11. Check-Out: Kids are picked up by their parents or guardians.

Learning Environment

Topgolf Summer Academy is designed to be a supportive and encouraging environment where kids can learn at their own pace. The instructors are experienced and trained to work with children, making the learning experience fun and effective. The academy emphasizes:

  • Individual Attention: Instructors provide personalized feedback and guidance.
  • Skill Development: Focused on building both basic and advanced golf skills.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Encouraging kids to improve through positive feedback and recognition.

Equipment and Facilities

All necessary golf equipment is provided by Topgolf, including clubs, balls, and other materials. The facilities are safe and designed to be kid-friendly, with designated areas for practice and play. Kids do not need to bring any equipment from home, but they are welcome to bring their own clubs if they prefer.

Safety Measures

Safety is a top priority at Topgolf Summer Academy. The program includes:

  • Supervision: Experienced instructors and staff are present at all times to supervise and ensure safety.
  • Safety Briefings: Kids are given safety instructions and guidelines at the beginning of the camp.
  • Secure Environment: The Topgolf facilities are secure and designed to provide a safe environment for all activities.

Enrollment and Participation

Parents can enroll their kids in the Topgolf Summer Academy by registering online or at their local Topgolf location. Early registration is recommended as spots can fill up quickly. The academy is open to kids of all skill levels, from beginners to those with some golf experience.

When is Topgolf Summer Academy?

The Topgolf Summer Academy is a fantastic opportunity to engage in golf during the summer months. The academy operates from Monday to Friday throughout the summer season. This allows a flexible schedule that can fit nearly any family’s plans. Since families often look for activities that can accommodate everyone’s timing, having the ability to choose a week that aligns with your summer schedule is incredibly beneficial.

When considering enrollment, it’s important to note that registration opens in Spring. This early registration period is essential as it ensures you can secure a spot for the desired week. Planning is crucial, especially for those with busy summer schedules.

The entire setup of the Topgolf Summer Academy is designed to be family-friendly and accommodating. Ensuring that participants of all ages can enjoy learning golf. The regular week-long sessions from Monday through Friday help build consistency and improvement in the skills of young golfers.

Topgolf Spring Academy

Summer Program Alternatives

As the summer schedule fills up, many parents are on the lookout for engaging and valuable experiences for their children. One such alternative option that has been gaining popularity is the Topgolf Spring Academy. This 3-day program is not only a perfect way to introduce your child to the sport of golf but also a great opportunity to learn new skills in a fun, structured environment. At just $149 per child, it’s a budget-friendly choice for families.

For those who might not be familiar, Topgolf Spring Academy offers a comprehensive learning experience that blends instruction with play. The program is tailored for children of all skill levels, making it accessible for beginners yet challenging enough for more experienced young golfers.

The setting at Topgolf is vibrant and energetic, which keeps the children engaged and excited about learning. Trained coaches focus on the fundamentals of the game, from swing techniques to the rules of golf, ensuring that each participant not only improves their game but also grows their love for this lifelong sport.


At Topgolf Summer Academy, the incorporation of next-level technology like Toptracer ball tracking and HD multi-angle video swing analysis truly transforms the golf learning experience. These advanced tools offer comprehensive insights into your swing, tailoring feedback not just to your actions but also to your unique student’s personality and skill level. This personalized approach helps each participant refine their skills more effectively, no matter their starting point.


What is Topgolf Summer Academy?

Topgolf Summer Academy also referred to as Topgolf Summer Camp, is an exhilarating and enjoyable five-day experience that uniquely combines fun with education. The academy, under the guidance of seasoned Topgolf golf professionals, is designed to teach the essentials of the sport in a laid-back atmosphere. It’s a perfect adventure for learning the ins and outs of golf.

What can participants expect from the experience at Topgolf Summer Academy?

At Topgolf Summer Academy, the experience is tailored to help each young golfer thrive. The academy focuses on mastering the perfect swing and learning the rules of the game. It’s all about creating positive memories in a supportive environment that encourages participants to grow and enjoy the game.

How are teaching and learning dynamics managed at Topgolf Summer Academy?

The academy maintains a low student-to-instructor ratio, ensuring that each junior golfer receives comprehensive, personalized, and thorough instruction. The focus is on developing skills essential for a successful golf swing and understanding the critical aspects of the game.

What is the goal of the Topgolf Summer Academy program?

The ultimate aim of the Topgolf Summer Academy is to foster a supportive environment where growth and improvement are accessible to all attendees. The program is structured to enhance skills and still a lasting love for the game, making it both an enjoyable and educational option for the summer.

How does Topgolf Summer Academy work?

For five days, children aged 6-12 gather at Topgolf to learn and improve their golf skills. The academy offers a hands-on experience with expert coaching, teaching young golfers everything from swing techniques to sportsmanship. The program is designed to be enriching, exciting, and fun, helping participants build confidence and a deeper love for the game.

What are the dress and footwear guidelines at Topgolf Summer Academy?

Participants are advised to wear comfortable and practical dress suitable for outdoor activities and weather conditions. Footwear should be flat, closed-toe shoes to ensure safety and ease during play. Golf spikes are not permitted. This attire helps participants stay comfortable and move easily across the green.

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